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Top 5 Tips to Creating Your Own Book

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

A typewriter waits to be typed upon - start writing your book - Brett Oliver Parson
Want to Write a Book? Start Writing by Brett Oliver Parson

So, you want to be an author? Then you are certainly not alone! According to writer Joseph Epstein, “81 percent of Americans feel that they have a book in them – and should write it,” which is about 200 million people! However, the dream of writing a book is fulfilled by much fewer people . . . even an astounding 0.02% of Americans. The big question begs to be asked, WHY aren’t people writing their book? The answer might not surprise anyone . . . because it’s difficult to do.

My name is Brett Oliver Parson, and I’m a self-published author of 7 children’s books, including the award-winning “The Twelve Hats of Christmas” (Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards, Gold Medal). I’m self-published because it was “easy to do,” or so I thought, and it has a lot of perks and freedoms that traditional publishing might not. I am not against traditional publishing, in fact, I welcome the opportunity to be picked up by an established publisher, but for now I’m self-published and selling thousands of copies worldwide and my blog is dedicated to sharing how others can do it, too. My blog’s mission is to share insights I’ve gleaned about creating storybooks. I learned a lot the “hard way” and believe I have valuable information I can share with those who venture to write their own books, as well.

Brett Oliver Parson is reading his book, The Twelve Hats of Christmas, to a group of children at Christmastime
Brett Oliver Parson reads to children

Yes, writing a book is difficult, but it’s worth it! Just as, at least 81% of Americans, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be an author, even as far back as I could remember. One of my earliest memories was snuggling up to my mother as she read to my older brother, younger sister, and me. I only remember a couple book titles, but the memory of a shared love and warmth will live inside me forever. I fell in love with the idea of creating books and it has stuck with me, even haunted me with guilt for not having written my book, until I reached the ripe ole age of 40. I told myself that if I didn’t write my book now, I would never do it. Which is when and how I came up with the Top 5 Tips of creating a book of your own.

Tip #1 – Set a Deadline

Calendar marking a deadline date
Set a Deadline and Stick to it!

Our world is run by deadlines, calendars, weeks, days, minutes, even seconds and all time is accounted for. If you set a goal in thought only, it remains a “thought only” and is never accomplished. If you write it down and set a date of completion, your chances for success go up exponentially!

Tip #2 – Sit Down and WRITE!

Looking at a person who is writing their own book - by Brett Oliver Parson
Sit Down and Write Brett Oliver Parson

Sometimes, you have to just sit in a chair and start writing. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar, or whether something “sounds right,” just start writing and get your thoughts on paper. You might even call this word-vomit, but trust me, like vomit an idea that’s bursting to surface is better out than in:)

Tip #3 – Have an Accountability Partner

Two people collaborating on a new book
Find Your Accountability Partner

With any goal, whether it’s physical fitness, financial prosperity, or even writing a book, your success increases dramatically when you have someone else cheering you on. This person, or people, might also be in the process of writing a book and the group relies on each other for camaraderie and deadlines.

Tip #4 – Share Your Story, Get it Edited

Editing a story
Find an Editor

Ask people for their feedback, but don’t overdo it. EVERYONE has an opinion, and your story might not appeal to each person with whom you share. And ultimately, you’ll want to get it into the hands of an editor. Especially if you plan to send your manuscript to a publisher, or before you send it to print.

Tip #5 – Enjoy the Journey

Sitting next to ocean while typing - Brett Oliver Parson
Enjoy Writing Your Book

Don’t sweat the small stuff and find joy in writing. You will most likely go through phases of full commitment and optimism, at first, and then float through a parade of emotions, which include: happiness, doubt, fear, pride, discouragement, and inadequacy. This is all 100% normal and should be expected. But the key takeaway should be, that’s it’s OK and you can do it! Don’t lose sight of why you wanted to create a book in the first place and remind yourself of that goal often. Remember to have fun and enjoy the time spent in your figurative writing chair.

So where do we go from here? Let’s set a goal and a deadline and then start writing. I’m also available to help provide advice and guidance of how I did it (7 times), and please stick around for more posts about the specifics and “How To’s” of writing, illustrating, printing, and self-publishing your own storybooks.

Brett Oliver Parson

For more information about Brett Oliver Parson, or to purchase his books go to: Brett Oliver Parson

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