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Top 4 Resources to Print YOUR OWN Book Today!

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

A book is printed inside a professional printing press
Print Your Own Book Today!

You’ve finally written the book that’s been occupying your mind and soul and NOW you need to print it, but where do you look for help and how do you print your book?

If you’re like most people, they will look for an established publisher to pick up their manuscript, but this can be a lengthy process and most likely will turn up as a dead end. So what are your alternatives? There’s always printing your book yourself. This is called Print on Demand and has become a popular, and affordable option for most inspiring authors.

Here’s a must read post that highlights the Top 4 Resources for Print on Demand books.

The article also continues with some great advice about how to sell your book once it’s printed, so feel free to peruse the entire article, but I want to focus in on the printing options they suggest as these are the best options I have found for U.S. based print on demand companies.

But before jumping in, it would be helpful for you to jot out your goals of what you want to do with your book. If you are planning to have a dozen copies to share with family and friends, print on demand is a great option. But if you are planning to sell thousands of copies, print on demand can get pricey very quickly and you should consider printing off-shore to places like China where most books are printed. Look for a future article where I will share my personal story about when, where, and how I printed and sold thousands of copies of one of my own books.

What Is Book Print On Demand?

Book print on demand services isn’t a new phenomenon, some of the most popular print on demand book sites have been around since 2002, but you might be wondering what it means to print on demand a book. Well, printing a book on-demand is a process in which someone buys your book and it gets printed, as simple as that. and so we are here to list the best book print-on-demand services for you! This means that you’ll be able to sell your books to interested readers without having to have a huge physical stock or making an upfront investment in printing. Book print on demand is especially useful to indie or first-time authors that want to have their books published without the hassle of going through a traditional publisher.

What are the Best Print On Demand Book Services?

There are many different options to print on demand for your next book, but there are only some that have good reviews, and most importantly there are different packages you should pay attention to before committing your book to a service. We did some research on the best print on demand book services out there, here’s what we found:


Founded in 2011, Bookbaby offers services such as editing, cover design, formatting, distribution, and promotion as well as print-on-demand book services.


Founded in 2005, Blurb is a US-based self-publishing platform that lets you create, self-publish, promote and sell your own books. They have bookmaking tools that can help you create your book online without having to know programs like InDesign. Blurb specializes in image-heavy print like photo books, trade books, and magazines.


Lulu Publishing was founded in 2002 as an online Print On Demand book service and self-publishing and distribution platform for authors. They also publish and distribute e-books and they can print full-color books as well as calendars and photo books.


The Book Patch specializes in print on demand books for authors and publishers. They also have their own bookstore for distribution.

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